Mech Game (2)

Today i made some small (but importand) progress to my mechgame!
I added teams. The famous Red and Blue are back. I realy need better names for both teams, but for now they will do. If you have a suggestion, feel free to post it on my forum.

I don’t have a picture of it, but when you join a server or press the  “M” button you can select your team.
The scoreboard is also now updated so it can handle the 2 teams.

Well that is it for now.

Mech Game (1)

Some good news for the mech fans out here: I finaly picked up the development of my mech game.
It was paused a few months ago because i couldn’t find a modeler.
There seems to be a stupid problem in the world of modding / developing: As coder you can’t find an art team and as an art team you can’t find a coder. Somewhat weird but he, that is life. I still don’t have a modeler that has enough free time, so if you are a modeler and read this: If you like mechs, know how to make low poly models and have some spare time, feel free to contact me! (Leave a comment here or a post on the forum). And i’ll get back to you so we can discuss the details.

I also made some progress. Today i have added CG water into the game engine (TGE) and dynamic realtime lighting (DRL 2.0)
Here is screenshot from the water:

CG water - Mech game

Mount and Blade

If your looking for a create knight game, i would suggest Mount and Blade.
It has a realy great battle system and you can try thev game for free until you reach level 6.
Currently the game is still in Beta fase. There isn’t a story mode yet. But you can play in a sort of sandbox mode which makes a lot up. You can buy new equipment, start a small army, join a faction and conquer a few castles.

Intressted? Download the game from the official website:

Offcourse some screenshots: