New look

Today I changed the look of my site. It looks now clean but also has still that autumn touch.
It is a default theme “black & orange”.  I will make some small changes to it, but so far it is realy nice.

I don’t have much time to chat: I still have to finish my second Tutorial.


Mech Game (3)

Well my mech game is still in development. Slowly it gets into shape.
A different shape then before, since I changed the scope of this project.
What happens to be the case: I want my game to be a bit more orginal then all the standard mechs that are already around.
So what is my plan? Simple: I try to create a Co-op mech game. Mechs + Co-op, how much more fun do you want?!

This is my todo list (in a nutshell):


  • Create mech models, texture and animate them (I need help with this!)
  • Create weapon models, textures and some animations ( again i need help with this!)
  • Design a HUD
  • Create some object that could be used for the levels
  • Design levels


  • Add different types of AI
  • Add mission objectives
  • Add weapons
  • Add mech classes
  • Add mech selection
  • Score keeping
  • Add 3rd Person camera + crosshair

I have already tried some basic AI stuff and it is quit fun, though it needs some tweaks.
If you want to help with this project drop a line on my forum!