Subversion alternative: FileHamster

FileHamster seems like a nice idea for artists who are scared of subversion. Basically as far as I can tell, it automatically tracks changes to a given file or folder and records the differences. Like a local file history! Of course, it doesnt make a backup off-site for you like subversion can, but its good if you edit things a lot and make mistakes and never backup!
It looks really easy to use so give it a try…and yes it is free!

FileHamster is a version tracking application for developers, graphic artists and other content creators that frequently modify existing files.

FileHamster provides real-time backup and archiving of your files while you work. It enables you to monitor specific files on your hard drive and automatically create incremental backups whenever those files are modified. It also enables you to store notes about the changes that have been made, allowing you to quickly locate a specific revision or provide a detailed account of the work you’ve done on a project.

It has many features, but is very easy to use and does not require any technical expertise – just point it to the directory or file you want to monitor/backup and it will do the rest.

Website: FileHamster

New theme

I’m experimenting with a new theme.
So expect a few problems in the next days.
Anyway I hope you like it!

Changed it back to the old layout since some problems showed up .

Hello World

Wow long time ago since i posted!
So what did i do in the mean while:

Guess what, it started again. A new semester, a new chance.
One of the things that we have to do is  create and produce an unique / improved product or service.
I’m very curious what me and my group have at the end of the year! We had some great ideas, but most of them already existed or where to complicated /expensive to produce. One of the great things of this course is that it doesn’t have to be computer related. I’ll try to post some updates!

Mech Warfare
We have some models done (they really look great!). Sorry folks no picures 🙁 .
Other stuff we did was some flying AI (no succes…) and now i’m working on the Game Lobby.
It is based on IRC and me and Toast did some test. Not everything went to plan, but i’m happy with the results.
Our concept artist is also recovered from his injury and he promised some great art very soon.
Keep an eye out in the “official” site!

The MMFT website was down for a while and now it is back!
It even has a community blog where members of the MMFT can post there latest  mecha news. Be sure to check it out!

Silent Operations
This game may rise again. A few members are thinking of continuing the game.
A lot is unsure but I know they have permission from VPR to finish the project.
Hopefully more news about this in the future!