UC Logon


UC LogonUC Logon is a Windows based Single Sign on solution that automatically logs you on your Cisco Desk Phone. I created the software, because I found it annoying to logon my phone and log off at the end of the day.

UC Logon is made available on Eltaweb.net. Go there to get the latest version.

Download UC Logon
Download the latest version from eltaweb.net

Why use UC Logon?

There are various reasons for using UC Logon. The program can help to solve the following problems:

  • Users forget to login / logout.
    UC Logon will do this for you!
  • Users don’t have to enter complex credentials on their phone.
    Set your settings once and enjoy!
  • Up-to-date presence information
    When UC Logon logs in or out, the presence of your users is always on track!
  • Unauthorized phone usage.
    Phones can be used to make unauthorized calls. UC Logon can be configured to logout when the PC is locked or shutdown.


  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Start with Windows
  • Logout when PC is Locked
  • New: Flexworker mode

UC Logon


What are the system requirements for the PC?
Microsoft Windows 7 or 8 and the .Net Framework Version 4.5.1.
The installer will download it for you. Further you need to have Extension Mobility configured on your Cisco Callmanager.

What PBX systems are supported?
Currently only Cisco Call manager version 8 and 9. 

Which phones are supported?
All Phone Models supported by Cisco Extension Mobility.