Place QuArK models into Torque


In this tutorial we are going to place a QuArK model into Torque, so you can use it ingame.
The game can be allmost any Torque Game Engine powered game. Depending on the game some steps will be a bit different, since not every game is the same.

Since it is good to have a sort of linear story through this tutorial i will be using the Torque Demo.
You can download the Torque demo for free from the Garage Games website.

What we are going to do in this tutorial is quite simple. We are going to compile the sample map that comes with QuArK and add it into game.


  • The Torque Demo Installed. You can get it here.
  • QuArK installed and configured for Torque. See my previous tutorial.
  • Sample zip. This contains textures for the sample map.

Step 1: Installing Sample Textures

You can skip this step if you already have a completed textured object / building / map in quark.

First we are going to install the sample.qrk file that is located in the file:

  • Unzip somewhere on your computer
  • Copy / paste sample.qrk to to your QuArK directory.
  • Start QuArK. (Start >> Programs >> QuArK >>QuArK )
  • Click on Games
  • Select Addons from the dropdown list
  • Click on add.
  • Select Sample.qrk from the list.
  • Click on OK (2x)

Step 2: Compiling a QuArK object

If you haven’t done so – because you skipped step 1 – Start QuArK. (Start >> Programs >> QuArK >>QuArK )

If you want to compile your own object. You can open it.
Else we are going to compile the default sample map that comes with QuArK.
To open the default map simple press on this Icon: New Map Icon (The one with the house)

Quark will now show the default map. It will look like this:
Quark Interface

Now the compiling:

  • Click on Torque in the menubar
  • Select from Export220MapBuild / High Detail Dif the dropdown list.

A console will open and compiles default map.
Console Log

If everything went right, there should be we standing something like this at the end of the console log:
Files stored in D:\Quark\Quark files\tmpQuArK\

  • Close the console. (just hit the X in the upper right corner)
  • Close QuArK.

Step 3: Copying the files to the game

  • Go to the path that was written in the console.
    In my case: “D:\Quark\Quark files\tmpQuArK\
  • Notice the 2 new maps: Maps and Textures.
  • Open a new Window and browse to the directory where you installed the Torque Demo.
  • Open the map Demo
  • Open the map Data
  • Open the map interiors
  • Create a new map and give it a easy to remember name. ( I use Tut02)
  • Now copy the contents of Maps and Textures into the new map you just made.

It will look something like this:

Torque demo map

Step 4: Loading the editor

  • Go to the path where you installed the Torque Demo.
  • Run TorqueDemo.exe
  • The default button to switch to the Ingame editor is F11.
    If your using a Torque powered game it might be possible that the developers removed the editor or made it avaible as a seperate program.
  • Start the Ingame editor by pressing F11. A new mission template will be loaded.
  • Hit Control + C to release the camera and fly around. (Controls: W-A-S-D and mouse)
    Look for a nice spot to place your object.

Step 5: Placing your object.

Look for a nice place for your object. Found a great place? Great! Now let’s place your object into the game world!

  • Click on: Window >> World Editor Creator. Or simply hit F4.
  • Expand Interiors (click on the + icon) until you see the name of the map, which you created by Step 3.
    Interiors expaned
  • Click on the name of your object – in my case newmap – and your object should appear into the game.

It might hover above the terrain. You can adjust the position of the object by clicking and draging on one of the 3 colored axes.

  • Place the object on the spot you had in mind.

As you probly noticed the object is quite dark. That is because the scene (the whole level) is changed (you added an object) and needs to be relight.

  • Click on relight scene.
    Relight Scene

Now you should recognize the object you made with quark again. This is how it looks in my Level:
My Scene

Feel free to add more objects to this level and when your done, don’t forget to save it.

  • You can save your level by clicking on: File >> Save Mission as. Give it a name and save.
  • If you want to walk around in your level, just close the editor again (by pressing F11 ).

Congrats you did it! You added an object made in QuArK to Torque.
Now you can start designing your own levels and missions for most games that are powered by the Torque Engine.

Have fun!

Orc in Wonderland

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